Mischievous Kiss - before that....

After :


Before :

...ummm...me to shy to show this in broad daylight in my blog.^^
You all will just have to click HERE  !!....siiiiighh....

Pix and Gif credits as labeled and mystarhj.egloos.com


pinkymomo said…
Hi Myoce! finally see u here!
how are you getting on?

ahh...the kiss scene...love it so much!! kekekeke
Nad said…
You're back!! Yay!
By the way, I've been ogling that steamy kiss scene over and over like a crazy fangirl since it came out!! LOL
Our Hyunjoongie sure looks like a good kisser! Lucky JSM!
pinkymomo said…
yeah...i repeat the scene over and over again! He did put a lot of "effort" on it - to become a good kisser now. LOL
myoce said…
Hi Pinkymomo !!

So happy to see you here ^____^
Me too....I think the computer will be broken...so many times I rewind to see the kiss over and over kekeke....I even inclined my head left, right and so on...to see it from many angles...hahaha I've gone loony !!
myoce said…
ps. Pinkymomo....I'm ok now that I'm connected to the web....o dear, I've got to get connection on the island..cos I'll be going there again...and again...and...

Thanks for asking...hope all's well with you there ^^
myoce said…
Dear Nad,

I do appreciate you "coming over here" even tho no one's at home^^

As I was saying to Pinky....I did the same too hehe... ur right..he has become a good kisser [what am I talking about ? LOL]...well...it certainly looked that way, right ? ^____^

Dare we hope for more kisses?...oh.

Have a great weekend, Nad !
pinkymomo said…
Hi Myoce, morning!
It's me again....kkkkk.
EP13 was aired last wed. I keep repeating the scene since that day until now, never get tired of it.

Last night, there's a suspected and rumoured to be JoNi's "wedding nite dialogue line" spread out from DC Gall.
If you haven't seen it yet, pls visit here: http://ockoala.wordpress.com/2010/10/17/rumored-dialogue-from-the-playful-kiss-wedding-night/

After you read it, you will defnitely go WILD again!
I really hoping for the lines to be true.
myoce said…
Hi Pinkymomo..

Yes, Yes !!! I've read it when liezle posted ^^
Very exciting...makes me wonder if it's really the line BSJ will say to Hani @.@

Hope is true too....wow wowwww...
Nad said…
Dear Myoce,

You wrote "I do appreciate you "coming over here" even tho no one's at home^^" and I must respond: "guilty as charged!" kekeke
Indeed, I love to roam around your neck of the Internet woods a lot! ^_^
As you said, maybe it's because we have a lot in common in our taste in Hallyu stars? kekeke
I do have a lot of 'little loves' such as Choi Siwon, Jung Yonghwa, Daniel Henney and Nichkhun, but my first and forever Hallyu love/obsession is and always will be Kim Hyunjoong.
He's a complete package of looks, personality and talent.
But I'm preaching to the choir, am I not? kekeke

Much love from California! Thank you for your posts!

Your faithful reader,
myoce said…
Dear Nad,

Me feel thankful for having many friends....when started this blog I never knew that I'd gain so many good friends.

Well...as they say...birds of a feather flock together...hehehe here we are...birds from different continents and countries...flocked together because of our love for talented K- artists, specially Hyun Joong.

I often wonder why artists from our my countries do not interest me this much -_-

Hugs from Indonesia !

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