I fell.....again...!!

If after reading this you all will shout at me 
and berate me for my weakness.... 
so be it...but ...consider this :

I watched......
  • BOF...and didn't fall for anyone else [already fell hard for KHJ in WGM]
  • God of study...and didn't fall for anyone
  • East of Eden...and slipped a little for SSH, but didn't fall
  • Queen Soendeok...and didn't fall for anyone
  • Personal Taste...and managed not to fall for Min Ho [ So there ! ]
  • Princess Hours I ...and didn't budge
  • Princess Hours II...and managed not to fall for Seven [Yikes !]
  • Full House...no...maybe had natural immunological reaction?
  • A love to kill...immunological shield still holding...no fall..
  • Iris...and didn't fall for anyone
  • Other dramas and films that I forget the titles....and didn't budge

Okay...a word about Rain's performance in Full House....I guess it hit me strong enough that my mind and body immediately protected itself from falling in to a deep, bright ...hole....hence the Antibody. Thank goodness I'm still immune till now. There are a few more K-drama and films that I've watched, mainly the ones with BYJ and JKS in them...for BYJ : WLS,WRL,Hotelier,Papa,April Snow and for JKS : YAB,BV,HGD, also Baby and Me. I wasn't guilty of falling for anyone else other than the two [BYJ and JKS] that I already adored ^^

Considering the facts above, I think it's ok for me to fall again so soon after getting my knee scraped, my elbows bruised and my heart ached.. when I fell hard for Jang Keun Suk in YAB ....err you could  stop reading here if you think I've gone cuckoo. If you're still with me...*taking a deep breath here*.........so far I've built a strong fortress against SUJU......[yes, Fiet, you heard right..SUJU !!] thinking there's too many people to love.  Despite daily SUJU influence and frequent contact with a cute little ELF by the name of joongana....who's always spreading and radiating delightful SUJU viruses all around...specially directed at me.....[unconsciously she's even made me put Heechul in my blog ! ], I'm proud to say I have held steadfast and not succumb to temptation. 

Err....that is .......until I watched Oh My Lady !!!!

joongana, plzzz wipe that big silly satisfied grin off your face^^ Of course I haven't fallen for Suju.......yet....I only fell for one person....Choi Si Won...err..maybe this is just a crush? My goodness,do I  have to start following SJ's schedule to see SiWon ??? I guess I'll have to take the risk on my immune system....my cells might start mutating...turning me into .......Ok,  Ok.... I'll say it, I'll say it, joongana...... an elf....

Thank you for listening to my ramblings, please see evidence below :

Choi Si Won and Chae Rim in Oh My Lady


Who is Si Won looking at ?...The object of his adoration ?



Kim Yoo Bin....the object of his adoration.
She plays as his daughter in the drama.


Some one will be a good daddy ^^

Photo credits as labeled and Dramabeans.


joongana said…
huahahahahahahahahahah.... *stillcontinuelaughingcantstop
its okay my dear onnie, its okay...
(take a deep breath...exhale...)
Siwon has a handsomeness, good posture, voice also good, but the most i adore him is dia anak Tuhan yang taat, ahh i have so many words to tell you onnie, but i know not here hehehehe . . .
and im sorry to all reader of this blog, im the person who spread the virus to her and i will responsible to this. responsible to heechul appearance in this blog, also now for Siwon. m(_ _ )m
onnie i will suggest u some source if u want to know more about Shibrow (his nickname) hahhah *mianhae
but i also want to say that everyone have freedom to choose, freedom to fell in love to any boyband, and i will hate those people who bashing others because her friend have many idol
okay..stop now..
i like you put those new song "Angel" ost for Haru, i've watched it and yahaaa T.O.P is there...choi seunghyun there...bigbang is there....*melchan have you watch it?? but the duration of this movie is not long =='
mmm i think im rambling too much this time...
i never do this to you but...
i give you BIG HUGS
bye onnie see u chu~
fianz said…
wuakakakak~~ why you suddenly put Angel Haru on your blog unnie??
About sishus~~ you better watch out!! coz no more longer, he will snap you by his charming prince in Athena.. bet he will be hot damn sexy in that series LOL
@joongana good job girl~~ you became evil just like me haah?? spread the virus!! go!! go!! XD
Nad said…
Hi Myoce,
I've already been bit by the Siwon virus! Welcome! Hahaha!
What I love most about him is that he's not just a handsome face. I love that he stands strong for his Christian faith in an industry flooded with very un-Christian things.
*Big Smiles*
myoce said…
Dear Joongana,

Hahaha.....I thought you might react like that ^^

It had to be Siwon who won me over!

Really agree 100% on your opinion about admiring stars....everyone has the same right to admire any star they like and....no one can limit the number of celebs we may love.

Don't worry, you are not responsible for this, I fell by myself ...LOL but I will appreciate any info from you ;)

I think Siwon is a very nice man all around...the same age as Keun Suk...

will tell melchan about the MV^^

Hugging you back :)
myoce said…
Oh, Fianz....

Now I know you and joongana are EVIL,ok....me too...I'm going to spread the delightful "Siwon of Suju" virus from here hehehe..

Will watch Athena [and many other Suju vidz where he appears..O O O...harus ngudek2 barangnya elf joongana...niih ^^ ]....cos of Siwon

ps...I love Angel (Haru OST) ^^
myoce said…
Oh !! Nad !

You were bitten too ??
Ok...I think we have almost the same weaknesses !!

What you love about him...
I love it too :)

thanks 4 telling me.

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