SS501 and furry friends - plus my lamentations


Hi, how're you doing? not doing fine. Down with the flu bug......and computer is also down.... or lower than has gone caput.....had to put in a new hard disk and had someone re install all programs ......I've lost Windows, OE, Picasa.....and many more.

I feel like losing a part of my wealth and joy. It's definitely lonely ....the feeling I get every time I turn on my lap top....before, I always gaze at BYJ and KHJ's face....listen and watch SS501 and Jang Keun Suk perform songs....dances. Now there's nothing. I'll just have to start over.


Ok, lets put all that behind and look at these cute furry four legged creatures [ I mean the doggies, not SS501 !] Ok...Baby's Choco is soooo cute !!! And who's the big white furry hunk between Young Saeng and Jung Min ?? So, err.....waitemomentwhileiwipemynose.....Okie...lets see more...


I suppose Jaksale isn't as skinny as this right now...I think he's a German Shepard, they grow to be very large. I know because I had three of them....they are fierce too....mine used to hate motorcycles, and chased any motorbike and riders off our premises....sob sob...too bad they were our guests! One of our lady guests had an unfortunate accident happened to her in our front yard. She got off her bike and proceeded to the front door amidst barkings and snarlings ..before her hand reached the doorbell....snap ! My dog had sunk it's teeth in her bu-- ....errr behind !! Luckily it was a superficial wound...and the dog got detention with small food rations. Believe you me, we as the host were sooo mortified !! But we didn't get rid of the doggies, because burglary was rampant in our area at that time....


Hmmm...Hyun Joong, a certified dog lover...
don't believe me? Look below....


Actually there's more pix of SS501 with cute furry friends..but I'm just too pooped out to continue posting [xcuse the term] I'll post em later.....ohh...being cheery is taking the toll on me, I think I'll just go for a ride in the car....with my tongue hanging out the window.....^^

Photo and gif credits : Leaderaday and Naocos blog and google search.


pinkymomo said…
hey Moyce

how r u getting on? watch out of the flu yah....take care!

HyunJoong has a pet? Does he has time to take care of it? :P
Nad said…
Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.
Cheer up, green ELECTRIC eel!
Just wanted to say take beautiful pictures...and your posts on SS501 boys always keep me coming back!

myoce said…
Hi Pinkymomo !

My body's still shaky, but better.
I can blog again^^

Yep, Jaksale as been his pet, don't know how the dog's doing now...we hardly see it..

Pinkymomo, thanks for cheering me up and for still talking to me^^

Appreciate it !
Cheers ^___^
myoce said…
Nad, the positive thoughts and Prayers really worked.

Me up and about again...

This green electric eel just needed some time for re-charging , to get back her sparks^^

Kumawo, Nad !

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