Kim Hyun Joong for TFS

Remember the tree...the boy....the girl..the flowers...the breeze....?





Video from YT by 10v3bAdguy

Video from YT by lovetop7

Photo credits as labeled, thank you !


Nad said…
How I wish there were Eng subs for the interview! I was laughing along like a pabo even though I didn't understand anything....Lol his laughs are contagious!
Oh, and I noticed his dark circles are back. He must not be sleeping much b/c of Mischievious Kiss. Poor thing...gotta eat more broccoli, stat!
joongana said…
wayaaaa onnieeee, cant wait see those picts on the face shop at CL or Taman Anggrek mall hehehe
i will begging to its spg for taking pict hehehe
Anonymous said…
There is already a video with Eng Subs...Find them in other Kim Hyun Joong blogs, thousands of them...
Please try Kathys Bench or Moleq Obsession...sorry dazedbylife. I hope you don't mind if I refer you to it, maybe you just didn't notice the interview with the Eng sub.
myoce said…
Hi Nad,

I'm also worried about his health, hope KHJ get some rest and high nutrition intake !

KHJ fightiiing !
MK fightiiing
myoce said…
Joongana y'know the last time I saw Yong Joon ssi's pixes there...will be haunting that shop in the future, hoping for a glimpse of Hyun Joong^^
myoce said…
Hi Anon,

Thanks for the info !
I'll head to those blogs later...
As soon as I get a better internet connection ^^

joongana said…
Onnie, Hyunjoong small hanging banner already in TFS ciputra mall yaahaaw, you want to come n take a pict?? heheheh, im pointing like crazy fans there, but im not confident to begging mianhae
note: only small hanging banner
myoce said…
Thank youuuuu joongana !
I'll go and check it out^^

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