KHJ and MK Tid Bits

Photobucket interview...when was this ?

And who's the interviewer with Snow White costume?
Saw this in naocos yesterday. Aaah...just saw in rainaftershine...
it's for Faceshop ! so behind..


A very romantic scene for shooting.....big tree...swing... lovers....wildflowers...breeze...


O Hani's cooking.....kekeke....
poor Baek Jo !


Me thinks he was strumming Falling Slowly....
Oh, this Joongbo heart of mine skipped a beat !


Lotsa people have posted this, but I haven't , so.....
Don't you wish she is their daughter in the the drama?

They look like a real family^^

At last, I want to put this funny article that MiniUFO at SS501UFO has translated [thanks so much !] ...just gotta have it in my blog kekekek ^^:

Credit: Sport Chosun + (Chinese Translation) 蛋蛋 @ Hyunbar + (English Translation)
Request from Hyunbar to NOT repost to WGM related sites.
Please repost with full credit

Looking at 'Naughty Kiss' interesting 'JjoJjo Brothers' mind map



Picture credits : as labeled, naocos blog, Liezle's blog and SS501UFO.


pinkymomo said…
hi Myoce

you are back finally! ^___^
kenchana? take care ya!
chakachan said…
Heya Myoce...
ha ha ha...what a funny brain they both have! I can image my brain with a doze of BYJ and Michael Zhang (taiwanese actor)in some parts of my brain...this is insane!! ha ha ha
Better watch Mary Goes Out All's the new drama of your favorite, next BYJ..JKS!
It's really funny..catch it on

Have Fun!!
myoce said…
He he...Pinkymomo...

Not too kenchana...but back.

Thanks so much for your caring ^^

Hope you're in the pink !
myoce said…
Hahaha , Chakachan !!

Your thinking got me to thinking ^^

Here's the content of my brain :

1. Family - and family related things

2. Work - and work related things

3 My obsession [and blog]:
BYJ - KOB and Bae family
KHJ - JangKiss etc
SS501 - Wishing they'll reunite
JKS - learning all about him

Oh dear, my obsession took up a lot of space -_-

Thanks Chakachan, I surely will watch Sukkie's new drama !

Love, myoce

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