I Belong


Picture credit : photobucket, by anon. Please tell me if any one knows , so I could give credits !


annacronism said…
Dear sister Myoce,
I hope you are well. How beautiful and inspiring this posting is. God does feel that way about his own, doesn't he? So many times when I have felt alone, and unloved, some wonderful 'everyday miracle' would happen to me, letting me know He was still there.
This sweet little verse was just what I needed, right now, to make me feel better about a small worry I have. I like big miracles, but I think the ordinary ones are the best. They are what keep us going from day to day. Thank you, dear, for posting this 'everyday miracle'. Take care.
Love ,
Anonymous said…
I have tried to find the origin of this but with no luck. Maybe it is put together from two different sources.

Thank you for sharing it.
LENY said…
Hi Myoce,

Hope you're okay now.

Same as Anna, I like this too.
It remind us that He's always there for us.

Thanks and its nice that I'm back again though not daily.Miss your blogs and arts so much.

Be well and take care...

Love, Leny
myoce said…
Dear Anna,

Thank you for nice words. I feel the same. I feel lucky to have friends who comments in here...I feel it's God's blessings also.

Hope you're doing fine with everything.

With smiles for you^^,
myoce said…
Dear Anon,

Oh, I've made you tired looking for the source, so sorry.
I guess the original poster will not mind if we spread this around ^^

Thanks so much !
myoce said…
Hi Leny !

So happy ur back blogging ...
I also can not blog everyday.... and I can't keep up with everything I'd like to keep up with :(

But we both have responsibilities.
We'll just do it in our own pace, right?

All the best to you and yours !


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