Hopping to another island

Okay, if you don't get your comment answered....please don't sulk...

Me not sleeping tonight coz I  have an early early flight tomorrow...so early that I leave home when the roosters are in the deepest phase of sleep...the REM [rapid eye movement] phase  ^^

You notice that after my computer underwent the treatment, you do not see any of my photographs. Actually I didn't stop taking pixes, but the images could not be transferred to my computer...hmm...need to see a computer guru about this! I'll be taking more pix in Timor ^^

Now, me gotta go ....okie.....I'll be blogging when I find access to internet...
Okay...got to...pack ...pack... pack .

Oh ! I think I just exceeded the weight allowed :(

Clothes.....Checked...[too many...]
Books.....  Checked..[ one in my small bag to read in the plane ]
Candies/snacks....Checked..[ to munch on , so my ears can go "pop"]
Shoes...... Checked...[O dear, I seem to be an Octopus with spare shoes]

Ooops.... you're still here ?....see you on the island !


Nad said…
Have a safe trip and a great time there!
annacronism said…
Dear sister Myoce,
Sorry I haven't posted any comments on your site lately. More computer problems. This time it's not the computer, but the person who owns it, my son, who is the problem. He and i are supposed to be sharing this desktop model of his, but I would not really call it that. He gets most of the internet time, and I have to sneak in a bit of commenting, or checking e-mails, or messaging whenever I can. Kids! Anyway, Wes is working right now, so I thought I would drop you a few lines to let you know I am still here.
Tell me something. Do you have a Facebook account? If so, I sent you a friend invitation. I saw a comment that someone called Myoce had made on BB's wall, and I hoped it was you. The invitation is from Anna Daugherty. That's me, and I would be pleased if you would accept it.
Dear, don't worry about replying to my messages. I know you are busy, and I understand that. Besides you have always shown me so much loving kindness, It is alright if I don't get a reply from you. I already know how much you care. Thank you for that. Take care and God keep and Godspeed wherever you go.
myoce said…
Thanks Nad !!

Appreciate it that you always peek in here^^
Sad that I can't blog...but there are other compensation ^^ ...um like...being with hubby...hehehe
myoce said…
Hi Anna !

Yes I saw your friends request on the email notification to me, but I'm not able to access internet easily right now. I can only manage to answer comments and post a bit. I'll add you in FB as soon as I can, Ok. And yes, that's me on bb's wall. Thanks for the friend request and all your wishes 4 me!!

Have a nice week with your family, dear Anna ^^

Love, myoce

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