Will Hyun Joong be a good father?

Surprised by the title ? Me too...

Hadn't planned to post about this. But looking at all the important posts I missed on BYJ and HJL and SS501...and all the post I'd like to write about all things around me but didn't...well...it daunted me so much that I decided to go off the track all together ! I'm sure you've read almost all the topic about BYJ, right...if not...pali...pali..click here to read all about it ! I'm not sure if BYJ's still in Japan or not though...

And Hyun Joong's still in Spain for a fashion photo-shoot, having arrived in Barcelona day before yesterday. Oh, a lot of fans...about 80 of them, some coming from France, waited for him at the Airport in Madrid [click here to see the vidz]...but it turned out he went to Barcelona...fans were waiting there for him as well...click here for the vidz [ click here for pix of Leader on the streets of Barcelona that Liezle has just uploaded ! ] .

Hmm read some of the fans account from Barcelona...it seems one of Hyun Joong's manager was rough to the fans....slapping fan's hands and running over one fan's foot with the luggage trolley ! Well, these kind of news really makes me mad and sorry....sorry for HJL who will get a bad name because someone elses actions. Fans are precious and should be treated as such, a star is nothing with out fans ! Hmm...was just discussing this a while ago in Fallen for a Star .

My eyes are beginning to close lol...better get on with it....remember Hyun Joong said he'd like to have 4 children, two boys and two girls ?? he he...let's see how he is with babies and children..

Come to oppa little boy....

Upth...you are heavy ^^


Ok, lets look at the camera !

Ok, let's smile wider....

See, you look cute when you smile :)

What's the verdict ?? Will he be a great one do you think ??

Oh...one more thing....talking about children, I guess there's still a child in all of us, me in particular LOL ! So, you want to play a game ??? It's an SS501 game !! Got it from the Fallen for a STAR Forum ^^ Ok, let's play ...click here ...pick up the coin with your mouse...and start scratching !! Scratch SS501's faces clean ! ...see who's face you got....you could play till you get all 5 members if you feel so inclined ^^

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