What we did last month^^

Last month, chub and I went to the oriental circus. His sis didn't want to come, so we decided our money was enough to buy VIP tickets for the 2 of us kkekeke...front row seats! Because we arrived one hour early, after buying the tickets we decided to have lunch at a mall across the venue. Wrong move! the seats were not assigned on the tickets...first come first to get a good seat at the category. Chub and I got seats at the 3rd row :(

First attraction were the dogs...lots of cute little poodles.
And one really huge canine who was taught to pull a wagon-full of little poodles [sorry, no pix :(].

Then there were these two young ladies who threw big ceramic jugs/pots with their feet..they did lots of neat movements..like passing the pots back and forth he he.... not one of the ceramic pots broke,though^^

So sorry if the pictures I took in the Circus is rather blurry...
I think besides because my hold was shaky,
it's also because the objects were moving rather fast.

In this act, they twirled the pots, then simultaneously thew them
towards the other to catch...they did this continuously for about 2 minutes.

And here's what I call "plastic lady" or maybe
"elastic lady" is more accurate. I don't know the correct term
for what she does :( maybe it's
contortionist ?

There were girls behind her who are holding candelabras
with flaming candles on them. Y'know..at first
I thought the candles were for decorations only

She turned her body around with out dropping the candles,
even the ones in the
candelabra held in her mouth !
Impressive ...we were clapping loudly

Okay, they asked for 3 volunteers for this next attraction,
and 3 ladies went to ring. They were treated to "free massage"
by a cute Elephant^^

But..b..but..see what the elephant did to massage the last person on the line...

Yup ! the elephant stepped over them to get to the other side ! Kkkekeke..

Then the person at that end got her "free massage"
from the sweet pachyderm^^

Of course it had to step over them again to go back to it's trainer LOL. You notice the girl in the middle didn't get her free massage...she got something better...the Elephant put a beautiful lei over her head and kissed her with it's trunk ! I saw her running out ...I think she ran to the bathroom to wash her face..maybe the elephant's mark was off and the tip of it's trunk smacked her in the eye instead.

Next up is the chimp ...he was a racer...bike and motorcycle racer !
He waved and threw kisses to the audience as he rode his bike around the ring.

The Pro-primate Motorbike Racer
Oh WOW ! Truly a racer he is !! Look....he was going so fast,
that this blur is the only thing I could catch of him ^___^

Ok...there were lots of great acts : the clowns, the acrobats, the trapeze act on high wire, the tigers...one of them walked a rope from end to end..and back^^ and more ! But I was enjoying them through my eyes and didn't snap pictures :(

All I had of the ending are these two blurry pics...sob sob sob...But I thought it was a great show^^ Anyway I'm glad I took time to blog about this cos this is the first time for me to see a circus in my own country and it's the first time for chub to see a circus ever !

At last we went out of the big tent into fresh air...
and went to the side to see the Elephants resting under the shades.

As we went out to the side walk, we passed vendors selling food
and all sorts of toys...he he....when I asked if he wants some...
chub said he's to old for these...

Hope you enjoyed the account despite the blurry pics^^
See you on my next adventure.


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