Kim Hyun Joong , ELLE Korea - Grooming Idol, Gold

Hyun Joong appeared in ELLE Korea website His image is under STAR ----> STAR STYLE ---> Celebrity's Style ---> GROOMING IDOL. There are three categories : Gold, Silver and Bronze. Hyun Joong's is Gold ^^

Saw this picture in a post at SS601 by HJJH


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Anonymous said…
wohaa..still Leader no.1 DAEBAK!!..
no.2 Shiwon from Suju if im not wrong
and 3 is Yonghwa from C.N Blue heheh..
myoce said…
Yes you are right.
here's the full news from

[Magazine] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong is the Gold medalist of “GROOMING IDOL” @ Elle online magazine CELEBRITY`S STYLE

English translation:
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Under the new term like Beast style, Boyfriend style, are given rise to a neologism defined Idol. But the lives of what’s your idol should be is having as scion face and a smooth slim body. Intended for the ripped shirt and or to exposure abs, affecting the performing arts stage catch joke in spectacular way, do not need to bother to show. If adherence to straight ‘look and feel’ of just flawlessly from any angle is enough. As always a full set from head to toe the absolute charm of GROOMING IDOL’s national representative, Elle selected online the gold, silver, bronze medalist.::

Gold medalist: SS501 Kim Hyun Joong
Silver medalist: Super Junior Choi Si Won
Bronze medalist: C.N. Blue Jung Yong Hwa

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