Kim Hyun Joong at home on the streets of Barcelona


Yup ! I guess he feels really relaxed with no one bothering him

Photo credit as labeled


Hyds said…
Hi Myoce!!Barcelona is apparently a very lovely city. I take it he's learning Spanish or English and have a taste for Paella.. I miss that dish.. Take care.
Anonymous said…
Hi Myoce:

So cute, lidear... I am delighted to see KMJ enjoying his trip. For me it has been a pleasant surprise to see all these reports, and above all, the game of soccer ... Oh gosh! so cute with his shirt ... as a fans more... (Remember when in BOF introduce Ji Hoo's character, they said that was the owner of a major European team)in the Spanish translation they said that the team was called Real Barcelona!!

Hyun Joong is a cool guy ..

I love your blog... Hugs, Anabel
myoce said…
Omy gosh ! Hyds....

I skipped this post when I was answering comments, I'm so sorry !!

Have been really bogged down with all kinds of and others, so has become harebrained.

Hyds, KHJ's only there for a photo-shoot, mebbe no time for learning languages. But I wish he was learning English he he he.. love European food..
Love, myoce
myoce said…
Hi Anabel !

Pls forgive me for skipping this post, my fault.

Thanks for liking my blog^^
Hyun Joong is cool....he has these young lady chasing him all over the world ^___^

Oh fancy the coincidence with the name of the soccer team Ji Hoo owned in BOF !!

Thanks so much, Anabel.

Hugz, myoce
Hyds said…
Hiya! Not a problem.. U could tell I haven't been around for the got chaotic recently.
Hope you are keeping well.
myoce said…
Oh Hyds,
Yours is chaotic mine is hectic...
there's familiarity in it LOL..
Truly hope you're healthy and well too...and not running sudden marathons^^


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