BYJ in Japan April 2010


It's so great to finally write about BYJ's actvities ! Hoping this bodes well for more appearances in the future. Baefamily really needs a mega doze of Yong Joon ssi ^^

BYJ has been in Japan since the fifth of April to attend the opening of the new Gosireh Hwa and the opening of The Lotte City Hotel Kinshicho . He gave a gift of a white porcelain vase to Lotte Hotel,which they will display there later.

Besides the activities mentioned, BYJ donated intensive care beds for premature infants to 8 hospitals. He went to a hospital in Kanagawa and talked with the patients and doctors there.

BYJ at Lotte Hotel

BYJ at a hospital in Kanagawa

Waving to Baefamily from the car

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