Just feel like talking - and all the reds pix

Yes, I just feel like talking today. Nothing to do today cos class is over and maybe next week or this Saturday I'll be busy again. Went reading here and there, look at pix left and right...and decided to post....even though I still am feeling down about MiniUFO's decision to stop blogging. But I do understand her reasons very well....witness this blog...I can't update it everyday, you'll get a fat post about BYJ, KHJ,SS501 or my silliness...only when I have lots of time to research, create, write, look for, arrange, etc,etc. I have two professions [tho one is under- exploited] , keep one regular job, one irregular job that so far has been strangely regular and one social job ...if you could call it a job. [err ..each job is allocated only a few times a week, divided over a week so to speak...sometimes they have to overlap and I get crazy] And then there's my hubby, children [this is one big 'job' ] and parents...and a bit of housework, and family related errands...Upth.. come to think of it...oh.. I don't have time to keep a blog !!

In reality...I keep several blogs ....some of them don't know each other...cos they are in different fields all together ^^ This blog is the one I update almost regularly, cos this is my first blog and I love it !! ^___^ . I want to keep blogging till I can't blog anymore...for whatever reason. So I have to satisfy myself to blog WHEN I HAVE TIME FOR IT...and not feel sad and frustrated for my visitors...cos you all have more interesting and important things to do than just to come here and see pictures or read my inconsequential writings.

Ok, what was actually I was going to say in this post? oh yes...this is not a BYJ focused blog, nor is it a KHJ or SS501 focused blog . I did say this is sorta a Baeblog....yes! because BYJ and Baefamily were some of the reasons I started this blog. So I'll continue blogging about BYJ, KHJ and SS501 and my life and what ever I fancy^^ My blog will not be an updated blog.... but a hodge-podge blog, for reasons which I already stated in the first paragraph above :)

Ok, to reward you for your patience and for reading my mumblings...here you go, I haven't posted about SS501 for a while....so here are all my red pix...he he he..go go team !!

BYJ for ALL THE REDS 2010 :

Ok, here are the boys ^^....

Err...I'm including this here...I like Queen Seondeok^^

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