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Hi long time no see ! Phew....finally could blog here again, he he you get that from me a lot ya? Hmm I have time to read and interact in other sites...but not for blogging in my own...guilty...guilty !!

While Hyung Joon and Jung Min had activities in Japan, Leader has been spotted several times playing football !...I guess he loves this game, but some fans are wonderirng if he's doing it in connection with his future drama...hmmm....your guess is as good as mine^^ Ok here's our necessary dose of SS501 Leader, cos we're missing him again.

I cropped these two below from a photo compilation further down...

me loves his back too...hur hur..

Photo credits : 지금갑 니다 and 물안개 at SS601

If you'd like to see more photos of HJL and other F4 playing football click here.

OOps...nearly forgot...I daresay you've seen these...but, here are the videos :

Video from YT by WWloveHJL

Throwing in one more 4u...a previous one in Shanghai, he had fun kicking the ball around...

Video from YT by thuhang

Have a productive week, y'all !!


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