Dragging out old pix of Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong at The SFAA Seoul Collection 2008

Here are excerpts of the news about the Seoul Fashion Artists Association [SFAA] fashion show from koreatimes.co.kr :

The Seoul Collection, held between Oct. 19-26, featured 35 designers including Lee Young-hee, Imseonoc, Choi Bum-suk and Andy & Debb, and members of the New Wave Seoul and Korea Fashion Designers Association.
And these...in connection to Hyun Joong :
For the men's wear collections, Chang Kwang-hyo brought out sharp and slim suits in beige and black, while Kim Gyu-sik and Lee Ju-young opted for dark, futuristic looks.

Lee's collection for Resurrection featured splashes of neon with metallic colors for a stylish rocker look for men. Models, including boy band SS501 member Kim Hyun-joong, strutted down the runway wearing black leather suits, metallic gold vests, cobalt blue tops and a lot of attitude. Kim Gyu-sik introduced a futuristic look for his men's wear collection which featured edgy motorcycle jackets.

Okie....let's see those A T T I T U D E S kekekkk.......

At an interview after the fashion show :

ps. if you want to see Hyun Joong and other SS501 members in fashion shows click HERE

I knew you wouldn't be satisfied if you haven't seen the video ya ?..Here you go :

Video from YT by lovekhj0606

Photo credits as labeled, thank you so much for all who have made these pictures available !


aNggiT said…
Myoce, is this new???GOSH!!!hyun joong really2 looks skinnier than before..leader,please put some meat..i'll give u half of my meat from my body (read: fat) if u want :D
myoce said…
He he Anggit this was at 2008, but I agree...Hyun Joong should eat more^^
Hmm...me have more than enough too LOL
BuinMaL said…
yes,that's my wrong :D i just found out after i write comment..hehe.mianhae :(

well,high5 then ;p
myoce said…
Hi5 to you he he...me short, not too high please....
aNggiT said…
not too high??hehehe..so do i..not too high :D

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