DDOB 53 - pix from the photobook

Sis Marikoo posted these photos in Soompi BYJ thread
and I couldn't resist dragging them over here.
Me missing BYJ with long hair ! Never thought I'd say that !
And me moaning about his long hair before... wishing for him to cut it ..sob..
[Tamar's sooo going to make me not only eat her
but she's going to make me eat my words too !! ].
Yep... a gorgeous man with long hair...
[err..that's the second reason..
BYJ's acting skill is the main reason of course ^^ ]
is what made me become a fan.

I saw him in The Legend first,
so was not really acquainted with his 'short haired look'
or 'Winter Sonata look" or "April Snow look'.
The Legend and Hotelier are my favorite BYJ dramas^^

I bet Baefamily coming here are frowning,
why is my blog raining Hyun Joong and SS501...
well I explained on the sidebar about that.
Baeland is a bit quiet these days...with us all waiting for BYJ's new project...
Anyway, by now you know my posting style...which is "as I like it"
and mostly "if I have the time to" LOL !

Ok, just warning you....so you know what to expect...
or .... what not to expect.... :P
Err...you might have an itsy bitsy headache by now reading this ^__^..
go and get yourself an ice-cream, Ok !


Tamar1973 said…
ROTFLOL! A lot of sisters are starting to realize they miss Yong-Joon-ssi's long hair. I hope he grows it out again and has it made into brushes for his lacquer painting master.
cecy said…
hola myoce, cómo estas?
a mi me necanta BYJ con el pelo corto, se ve muy lindo, pero en lo particular me fascina mas con cabello largo.
saludos, con cariño
cecy México.
myoce said…
He he...Tamar, I'm waiting for news on that brush !
myoce said…
Oh...Cecy...you like him more with long hair too? You're like Tamar then !

it's ok with me about BYJ's hair..I like it long , short or bald LOL

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