BYJ, KHJ and SS501 news and things...

Wow, lots of news and me can't update much...many things going on in life ! here's some updates :


First, first...about BYJ, his manager wrote that BYJ is still in the process of choosing his next, we will have to be more patient to know what drama or film Yong Joon ssi will be appearing on next. There are also 2 polls being run in China where BYJ's name is in, if Baefamily would like to help, you could click here and go to KOB to help Concy and Soiris who are fighting the battle together with other Baefamily. BYJ Fighting !!


By now KHJ is busy practicing and preparing for SS501's Persona Concert in Thailand beside attending photo-shoots of the labels he endorses. I wish him the best in the upcoming Concert. There is an interesting article about him in a Malaysian publication, click here to go to MiniUFO's spaceship and read about it and other great SS501 stuff ^^


Oh, SS501 must be practicing hard for the Thailand persona right now...sob sob...I envy the Triple S and Leader fans who are going to their concert in Bangkok on the 13 th...and they are departing for bangkok tomorrow !! Did you know that Kim Hyun Joong Thailand has prepared a fabulous welcome for Hyun Joong and SS501 ??!! about it and a lot of news about Baby, Jung Min, Kyu Jong and Young Saeng here at Liezle's lil' corner ok!!

Ok, me have a LOT of things in my head and in my heart, as well as a LOT of things going on around me....on top of that, chub is not feeling well :(

I leave you with these images of SS501 :

Photo credits : As labeled . O dear I got these photos through google search, but forgot the site I got them from ...I think the first two are from Soompi Forum , the last three are from SUKIRA program....if you know from where exactly, tell me ok, so I can give proper credits....


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