SS501 - it's elemental, Watson !

This is the first time I am going to R A N T....yes, r a n t !!
I think Anna ...if you are reading this, you're going to laugh at me, I just advised you to let it all out, and here I am...LOL.

It has come to my attention [actually from last year] that some of my work [posts] are copied or re-posted in sites/blogs without crediting it to me.

If I have time...I usually research something first before I post "original" things ... try to find the complete series of pictures, videos..etc....compiling the information about those pictures and videos....and posting them as one complete post....sometimes I even find a theme to my work. I know they're copied from me because those are MY words, my sentences and paragraphs....I thought them out and typed them myself, there's no twins of those posts anywhere [except re-posting/copy]. Sometimes I see only the words are copied...sometimes the whole post with pictures and videos, some also already added with additional comments from the one who posted. I don't own those pix and vod......but the discussion and the compilation of facts ?...well ...I think every one who has done those kind of work will agree that we want to be appreciated for it.

My imaginary dialogs are also posted in several places in the net without credit.....hmmm some of those pics were hard to find, and I did create those dialogs myself.... it took, it really hurts when people do not credit the original creator. I'm happy to see some of my stuff re posted with credit...a warm feeling just steals into my heart ^^

It's basic etiquette to quote your source. I try to do it all the time, if I don't know, I say so and ask to be notified if I am not allowed to post happened once, even when I already quoted the source...I deleted it right away and apologized. Never have I prohibited anyone from copying or re-posting anything that I compiled myself from this blog, as long as you write the name of your source [ME, MYOCE/DAZED BY LIFE]. I've put this in the side bar now....I see I should have done it long ago.

What's the connection between the title of this post and my rantings ??.... well if you are a good detective , you could find out ! Never mind, enjoy these videos of The elements of SS501...

Click HERE for the previous post dated May, 2009, where I collected and compiled SS501 member's opinion of each other from the things that I read about them in magazine and the things I heard in TV interviews and videos of them in U-tube . As for the videos, well...first I only had Leader's element, which is FIRE...then I found the others...Thank you so much to kawai30ph for uploading this complete set of SS501 elements :)






The elements of SS501....really motivates and inspires me !

...let us make haste, Watson my good man .....The game is afoot !


bbmag said…
hey myoce,
sorry to hear about what happened...
it's happened to quite a few of us too, including myself, liezle and cagalikira.

personally, i never let these things go and would contact the person and give the person a piece of my mind, and also a certain timeframe to fix things. i usually give them two options, to put in the source/s within the stipulated timeframe, or to remove all the plagiarized posts. and i also would tell them if they don't comply, i would not hesitate to go public.

of course you could say perhaps there's no need to raise such a big fuss, but i've always felt if they're bloggers themselves, and obviously they do read our blogs (then they would know we treat fellow bloggers with respect), then there's no excuse for them to have done what they've done. if we allow them to just get away with it, then there's nothing stopping them from doing it to yet another blogger.

keke, you didn't ask for my advice obviously, but i just thought i'll share my experience :p

have a great sunday regardless :)
Anonymous said…
Unless presenting satire or using for education, such copying may violate copyright law and encourage plagiarism, not to mention showing bad manners. Google alerts are but one way to detect such misbehavior.
myoce said…
Hi bb,

Thanks for your opinion and input, I'll always need to hear your [and other seasoned blogger's] advice, since I'm relatively new at this. If I want it to stop, then I'll have to take your good advice.

So very sorry for the late reply, I was busy with tasks and family, only managed to post some random pics with more random captions and couldn't catch up with answering all comments. Yesterday I came to finish up answering and got sidetracked with you know what party thing.

I'm finding out that there are bloggers and there are bloggers ...sigh...

appreciate it !
myoce said…
Dear Anon.

I'm glad I ranted because I got good advices. I will investigate Google alerts further .

Thank you for the information !

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