Kim Hyun Joong Tells The Truth

[Have decided I'm not knowledgeable enough about the facts written in the introduction of this post previously, so I don't have the right to say anything about it.... will just get to the facts I am familiar with.]

Freedom and truth are precious, for this reason, after much thought...I decided to post this post. I'd like to know the truth of what happened to Hyun Joong , and why [according to me] DSP has not done their best to support and defend Hyun Joong from such a great blow ...why did the CEO take him to the party in the first place [if there is a logical explanation from DSP, Id like to know]. Fairness is another precious commodity, Everybody should be given full share of Fairness in life......and Hyun Joong deserves it too...

Maybe some of you know of the slander and hate in great proportions by Korean netizens directed to SS501's leader, Kim Hyun Joong, after it was known that he was present in an ex-dictator's birthday party [please refer to these posts : here and here]. I am reposting some YT clips here, so you could see for yourself what really happened and get more information from Korean fans, who are more well informed than overseas fans. If you are in agreement with this view, please help spread these clips around.

If you watch this video you will see KHJ is wearing a jacket with a hood, the kind you wear with T-shirt and jeans under it....casual wear....while the other male guests were in formal attire : suits and ties. As for the phone call on their way there...????....isn't this kind of party r.s.v.p ?

Imo, it is possible Hyun Joong first thought this was a surprise party for his CEO...I also think he was shocked to know who's party the DSP CEO had brought him to.

Hyun Joong immediately admitted he was present at the event, even after the flood of hate reached him, he told the truth no matter what. How did all this mess came about? I'm really looking forward to a press conference from DSP, they should stand by Kim Hyun Joong and NOT let him suffer alone...DSP should also tell the truth and do right by him and SS501.

Note : If you repost these clips please do not repost the above write up without permission, it is my personal thoughts and opinion concerning the matter.

Video from YT by outlier12

The message that came with the video :

김현중을 그 자리에 참석시킨 이유에 관한 DSP 엔터테인먼트의 성의있는 해명과 사과를 강력히 요구합니다.

we strongly urge DSP Entertainment to immediately stop being idle and irresponsive and show strong determination to provide a clear explanation.

본인 스스로 진실을 밝혔던 김현중의 소신있는 행동에 전폭적인 지지를 보냅니다.

we applaud HJ for his courage for not hiding the truth during such difficult times and proclaim that we will be with him by his side until the matter is fully resolved.

Video from YT by mustpowerfulsupport1

The message that came with the video :

This movie tells the truth about the issue, kim hyun joong’s attendance at the ex-dictator of South Korea’s birthday party.

The CEO of the agency that KHJ belongs to brought him to the party without any notice to him. Who could say KHJ was guilty in this situation? Unfortunately, many of news papers reported only KHJ’s attendance rather than reveal the 300 of real followers of the ex-dictator. The Media used KHJ as a shield to cover the true attendance list. The worst thing is the agency KHJ belongs to has not showed any try to protect KHJ at all.

KHJ is a kind of political victim.

If you are a fan of KHJ, the leader of ss501, please support KHJ fandom Coalition and urge DSP Entertainment, the agency of KHJ to immediately provide a clear explanation about the truth.


Dear Hyun Joong, our love is like this !

Creating more problems for KHJ is the farthest from my intention, supporting KHJ and SS501 IS my main intention with this post. So, if there're new developments concerning this topic or the claims in the videos are proven to be invalid, I will delete this post immediately.

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