Happy Birthday dearest Byjforever !

Byjforever, if you happen to read this, I wish you the best !
Also wishing the trouble with your pc is over ^^
Miss you a lot in KOB and Baeland....Concy sends her love too <3 <3
Give us a holler when you're back, Ok !!
Love you lots,

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Anonymous said…
My dearest Myoce,

I love my card!!! Thank you so much for thinking of me. I have been so bad in keeping in touch with my friends. Please forgive me.

Love & Hugs, byjforever
myoce said…
Dear BYJforever,

UR very welcome ! It's ok, we understand. We love it though if you pop up at times he he he...

Glad you like it !!

Lots of love,
myoce [in the closet, LOL]

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