BYJ & CJW film WLS anime last scene LIVE !

Oh, maybe some of you have read this news in bb's blog, isn't it great ? A ray of sunshine through the haze. Well, if you're will like this news [after a long draught^^ ] BYJ and CJW are filming the last scene of Winter Sonata The Animation series LIVE ! Oh....WOW...

Here's an excerpt from Anime news Network about this :
The Nikkan Sports newspaper is reporting on Saturday that the ending scene for the ongoing Winter Sonata anime television series will be filmed in live-action. Yong Joon Bae and Ji Woo Choi, the stars of the 2002 live-action Korean television drama that inspired the anime, will appear in the new live-action footage when it runs on April 24. The new ending in the 26th episode will cover a part of the story that was not in original Korean drama.

For the complete article you could click the link below :

If you'd like to visit the official site of Winter Sonata The Animation, you could click the link below :

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Hyds said…
Thanks Myoce!
That is truly something to look forward to. :-)
cecy said…
hola myoce, cómo estas?
es una estupenda noticia, entendí bien?, byj participará en vivo en el final de " WS Animación "?.
sería maravilloso,!!!!!!.
gracias por tenernos siempre bien informadas.
saludos, con cariño cecy méxico.
myoce said…
Hi Hyds, bet !
I wonder if BY will look different ?
We'll just have to see...

Hope ur doing fine^^

Love lots,
myoce said…
Hi Cecy ^^

Yes !! That is right !!
I couldn't believe it myself, but there are tours and everything.

You're welcome, it's a pleasure to post about Yong Joon ssi^^

Wishing you beautiful days in Mexico.
Love, myoce
myoce said…
PS. Cecy, I like your blogs very much !! <3
Anonymous said…
nice to hear that. Find it more exciting. Can't wait to see it.
Hope CJW & BYJ will do another drama or movie... More power to the beautiful couple...
myoce said…
Hi Anon,
Me too find it exciting! I want to see BYJ and CJW...after all this time ^^

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