One afternoon with a friend...

Great friends are a's true. I have some friends who are really great, sort of " kindred spirits" as L.M. Montgomery used to write in her famous novels [ Anne of Green Gables series]. Not long ago I met up with one of this kind of friend and we got to talking about my new hobby of snapping pictures. She has seen this blog and my pictures of flowers and plants. We decided to continue our chat at her house.

When we arrived at her doorstep...we did not come in to the house.We stood in her garden,she showed me all her plants and urged me to take photos of them....pulling back leaves and re-arranging pots to let me have the best angle to take. She was busy all over the following behind.

The first picture is of her potted "Butterfly flower" which looked breathtaking the against the dark pink paint of her terrace wall. I kept snapping pictures...and she kept exclaiming excitedly every time she saw the result...hmm it was encouraging...he he...[btw..if you think this post does not have anything to do with Yong Joon...hold your haven't read the end yet :) ]
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Hyds said…
Hi Myoce,
What's the name of this flowring plant? nmmhhhh I'm guessing.. saving the best are we???
Love, Hyds
jaime said…
Hi Myoce,

Nice blog. I saw your post in Quilt, wonder if you have help to fix it already. Just like to add to daisukibyj's comment since this is sort of long to post as comment in Quilt :

1. I don't think Quilt has the capacity to store so many pics or vods, so we usually use an outside host to upload our pictures like Imageshack, Geocities, I use Photobucket.

2. Once you have registered and uploaded a picture, you can get its URL and insert this HTML code in your post :

[img src="http://xxxxx/xxxx/xxxx.jpg"]

http://xxxx ...., refers to the unique URL of your picture.

NOTE : please replace [] with <> since blogger doesn't allow HTML tags in comment.

Hope you can post successfully, good luck!

regards ... jaime
myoce said…
Oh Hyds...I'll look it up and tell you mean the Butterfly plant, right?
myoce said…
Dear Jaime,

Thank you so much for the comprehensive info. I will take your advice and then try again.

I went back to delete my post but I was unsuccessful. even thought my password was correct..[ I have a record of it]...I don't know why.

Appreciate your attention, Jaime !!

Love, myoce
jaime said…
Hi myoce,

I hope you don't find me too nosy and longwinded in writing out those info. You probably know all about this already :)

I still remember when I first started posting in Quilt, I was nervous in making any mistakes. Hehe, I even thought about posting at a certain time of the day when Quilt has the least readers, but of course being a worldwide site, what difference does it make? silly me!

Yeah, since Quilt does not recognize your password, I guess only the administrator can delete your post now (if you like to pursue it). Hope you have fun posting again, good luck!

regards ... Jaime
myoce said…
Oh Jaime ...Of course not !!

Actually I'm very grateful.. because I'm learning to navigate the internet [and my computer] by blundering my way here and there.. no formal training...

Yes...I'm just realizing what you've found matter what time ..there's always people online !!

I'm really embarrassed and am not going to show my face there too soon :(

When I first joined KOB, you could see I'm the greenest of the novices just by looking at my post..sob..not that there's much difference now...I'm still making a fool of myself..sniff..

It's very nice of you to care, Jaime !


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